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What Do We Do?

Community Pathways provides an inclusive space with programs focused on the dignity and livelihoods of our clients. We help individuals and families in Steele County and the surrounding areas to combat food and clothing insecurity through the Marketplace, Marketplace Delivery, and Unique Finds. Each program is designed to mimic the shopping experience of a typical grocery or thrift store. We place heavy importance on our members being able to shop in a safe environment emphasizing the power of choice. In addition, we always want our members to feel welcome and happy to come shopping within our stores.

Community Pathways has significantly impacted the area with the help of our community partners and generous donors. Many local businesses, farmers, and individuals donate money, food, clothing, and household goods for our members who shop weekly. As a result, we have had over 10,000 individual visits to the Marketplace in just the first few months of 2022. 

Community Pathways is also a central location for members to find or access other social services and programs. In July 2022, our new facility will hold offices for Let's Smile Inc. and Transitional Housing. Our staff is also well equipped to help you locate other resources and programs for many of life's circumstances.

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